Membership Benefits

CTA provides a variety of services to its member companies, including:

Regulatory Activities

  • Involvement in the regulatory process at the Colorado Public Utilities Commission

  • Participates in PUC dockets

  • Filing of comments

  • Gathering information on the development of regulatory policies

Legislative Activities

  • Employs a Legislative Lobbyist

  • Reports on activities of the State Legislature and its committees

  • Provides copies of legislation submitted to the Legislature that affects the industry

  • Affiliated state political action committee - "CTAPAC"

  • Legislative Reception held yearly during the Legislative session (in conjunction with our winter meeting)

Community Activities

  • Member of Progressive 15 and Action 22

  • Annual Convention and Vendor Showcase held In-state each summer

  • Winter meeting held in-state each winter

Legal Services

  • Employs an attorney to provide legal services to the association

Information Services

  • Publishes a weekly newsletter for its membership called the "Friday Report"

  • The Friday Report distributes information about new regulatory, legislative and industry developments

  • Community Grants

  • CTA maps

  • Maintains a website with Member Links